Worldrickshaw Timeline is online

World Rickshaw Timeline Feature

The new timeline or snapshot feature has been integrated into the homepage. It was quite a challenge to get this working as the graph MKI was not performing very well. There has been other changes, including putting the latest blog entry on the page to make it more convenient for all you guys and making the page more easier to use. Ideally you shouldn’t have to leave the homepage as I know how hard that can be.

Timeline feature:

The timeline feature as discussed before will bring a sense of location and context to both the temperature and speed and hopefully later a gps map. It will bring interactivity a level of auomated interactivity that cannot be achieved by standard GPS logging. The images and data is redundant and only for testing, and will later be more useful when I have this fully working.
The overall process requires capturing a snapshot and then using an external sensor monitor the temperature and pressure / altitude. These are stored in a .CSV file which when I get access to a computer I can upload these in one go. It’s very convenient in my circumstances. 
CSV Taken from data capture
I later plan to include geolocation using GPS, so that hopefully you can locate where the snapshot is taken on a map. 
There are already expensive GPS solutions available, but this is both doing something new on a budget but giving great flexibility and control over how all this information is presented on this website. I later need to add the ability to go back to a specific day in time.

Raspberry Pi Camera:

This was released on my birthday yesterday. Currently I tried using a typical desktop web camera, however because there isn’t a signal processing chip on the webcam, the Raspberry Pi’s CPU has to compensate – this means blurry, low resolution timelapse photos. 
The raspberry pi camera interstingly uses the power of the GPU to process the raw data from this camera and allows for HD footage and 5MP shots. I will keep a low resolution copy for the website and high resolution for archive – simply because I will have limited bandwidth on my travels. I estimate that I will capture every 30s to show reasonable progression. 
It’s on the tad expensive side at £20, but will worth it’s wait providing that its not too sensitve to environmental conditions.