Why? Bridging Connections.

It’s been a question that’s been popping up quite often and despite the intricate number of explanations I cannot really distill it down to a single sentence. The way I would describe it is the world is a blank canvas, the rickshaw and its equipment are the paintbrush, and the people are the paint. It’s the combination of these that make meaning.

No doubt, it will be an experiment till I become accustomed to the new life on the road and when the novelty has rubbed off. What I hope is that many combinations all start coming together and something meaningful will start to become clearer with time.

The World Rickshaw Taxi isn’t solely done for a challenge, to raise money for a charity or cause, research an issue of the world, it frustrates me that people want a definitive answer which I cannot offer. It’s my own personal discovery and it may take some time to find something that can providing a driving motivator. I wish I could say I was doing it for a cause I believe in, but I haven’t yet found one other than inspiring people to believe in achieving their own ambitions.

I can imagine there will be many people’s lives that will make me and others think, seriously what can we do to help? I think what would make me most happy is knowing that I can initiate a connection between two different people thousands of leagues apart that is live changing for the better. That obviously relies on you!


I recently found out that I am allowed to raise money for a charity or a cause and can accept donations but not on the rickshaw as that is considered against the law – further beaurocracy in the grand scheme of things.

I was disappointed with the response from my previous endeavours for the effort I had made and the little support received relative to this. I think what I am most dispondent about charity as of lately is the loss and transparency of connection between the donor and recipient. The result of what charities do is great and donations and the effort of many individuals facilitate this.

What am I possibly considering instead?

At the minute I am not making an announcement for definite. What I am eventually consdering is creating a set of fundraisers along the way just for people who do want to make a contribution. Depending on the money raised, I will look at small community projects, families, individuals who would benefit directly from the contributions. I cannot help everyone and will not make promises to anyone in these situations. With these in mind, I would allow people to vote for who the donations should be directed to, and at the same time it will give a chance for those in need to get some help. That’s what I envisage, but this isn’t set in stone.

What I hope is that donors can see the impact and legacy at the grassroot level and with their choosing sustain it and really feel that they are making a small difference in the world to those in some unfortunate circumstances. When people donate, I want them to think to themselves,”Yes! – that might just help that poor soul in XYZ that Luke said needs help. Can I do more?” Thinking about others we start to appreciate what is right in our lives – what really matters.

I cannot claim to help solve world hunger or educate the illeterate but maybe just to that one person it makes a difference. That’s something I will think about and with your support make meaningful change.