Updates on the Training

Training is going pretty well. I’m slowly making appreciable improvements that are becoming noticeable each week. I am finding that I am lasting much longer on high RPM sprints than I previously did.

The acquisition of a portable USB fan that plugs into a portable USB power supply is clearly helping to keep me generally cool. This fan is mounted on top of the handlebars in a ‘secure’ fashion using my key lanyard  to tie it into place. This provides a gentle refreshing breeze that does enhance comfort during the entirety of the session.

As a result, I have not been afraid to push myself harder without the suffering of becoming unbearably sweaty. This reduces the amount of water I need to drink, which as a consequence makes it less likely that I will suffer leg cramps from an imbalance of salt.

Additionally it has reduced the amount of water that collects in the salt puddle below the bike.