Training too hard…

Training continues on, nearly approaching the second week in and I’m still going which I am already impressed with. Already I am noticing a definite improvement in performance – it would help more if I had more recovery time.

Yesterday, I further commited to a 3 hour training session in Sports Center, despite a rough morning. Having the opportunity to watch different sports in the Desso hall was interesting too, but two hours in my legs were suffering. Cranking up the volume for the songs helped a lot and I still find it impressive that music can make you dig for effort that you never knew existed.
Later that evening I took the bicycle out again. Suddenly my bike veared out of control. I was lucky I hadn’t fallen off. Something was clearly wrong. I looked down at my wheel and it was buckled. Feeling two loose spokes, I was worried, but then I noticed two gaping holes.
I had managed to pull the spokes through the rims of the wheels. Perhaps it’s all this new found strength, or probably just the wheels failed after suffering so much over the past year.
The end result was a 15 minute walk back home and this morning ordering a new set of Mavic Aksium Wheels. Hopefully it will bring some bling to the bike and make the bike last for a few more years.