The wheels have arrived

Living without a bicycle is like living in the dark ages. There is simply no going back and  for the past years I have been taking such a necessity for granted.

Finally today I was able to pick up the my new two wheels for the training bike. At the time, this pair of Mavic Askium 2012 for £135 from MerlinCycles, which to be fair arrived quickly. In fact they were received yesterday but due to the postal system at Warwick I had to wait a further day.

This was quite a significant investment on a student budget – you could probably buy three second hand bikes for the equivalent price. Nevertheless, its sometimes necessary to pay for quality. Buying two wheels was also slightly more expensive, however, an equivalent single wheel works out to be less cost effective.

It’s surprising at the advancement made in the quality and technical details incorporated into the wheel compared to the originals that came with the bike. In particular the aero spokes improve aesthetics considerably and the quality of the hubs are beyond what I am used to seeing . The rolling resistance seems lower, but perhaps that’s a placebo effect. Still my comparison could be justified by my adamant view that my previous wheel hubs wear worn due to a weird creaking noise when you spun them at a slow speed.

This finally means I can push hard with a good training session tomorrow and make up for some lost days.