The beginning of serious training.

Unlike previous challenges and adventures that I have been, I have not actually undergone a strict and regular training regime. It even suprises me still. But with the possibility of having to pull three passengers (210kg) plus the weight of a  rickshaw and luggage, it seems like a very good idea to begin some serious consistent training atleast a year in advance.

Last week I was given permission to use my turbo trainer in the Warwick Sports Center.  So finally last Monday, I could begin the serious cycle training to build up some serious strength for this world trip.

Normally I do prefer a good cycle in the fresh air of the countryside, but this isn’t possible under the constraints of time. For training to be worthwhile, I find I need a strenuous session within the time space of 1-2 hours. However, pushing yourself to the point where you would collapse and gasping for air is certainly not possible on car filled roads.

Last week I had three sessions throughout the week, the first lasted two hours and the other two were over a hour. This week for now I’ve only had two sessions but were well over two hours long and each day after has been a struggle to move my legs.

I seriously hope to keep this up. World Rickshaw Taxi is worth fighting for and pushing myself to points of collapsing. Despite fatigue, I’ve come out of these training sessions feeling stronger and better for the long difficult journey that lies before me.