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Playing the exhaustive waiting game

The past two weeks have been exceptionally busy: both the demands from the University work in the case of a fourth year group project in addition to trying to fit the remaining pockets of time with training. Consequently this has left me exhausted but I still keep chipping away.

Over Christmas and January I have sent of two grant/sponsorship applications and the pending result from this is both anxious time for me. Going ahead with World Rickshaw Taxi is still a possibility without these, far from it, but having not to worry about chasing sponsorship would release some worry and make life that bit easier.

It’s the waiting game, but I know this time around I have got the strength to not lose hope and take whatever comes to me.

Plan B:

Having a Plan B is essential and if things don’t fall in my part I am sure not to give up hope and look elsewhere. I have several other ideas for sponsorship and options later. It would later be interesting to consider ‘crowd funding’ just to help support some of my costs around the world.

Speaking with Cycles Maximus:

Cycles Maximus excel in engineering and producing rickshaws (modular trikes) in the UK and distribute these abroad. Having made an enquiry last November it was fantastic news to hear that they were really interested in World Rickshaw Taxi. Concurrently this year they will be re-launching and will be particularly exciting to see the launch of their new company and improved trike.

This past Monday I had a great conversation with their Marketing Director discussing this project and how it would fit together with CyclesMaximus. It was very interesting to hear how durable they have designed their trikes – especially as an engineer. I didn’t realise a lot of their components were bespoke and made by themselves. They assured me that this would further boost my confidence in having the mechanical reliability to pedal a rickshaw around the whole world. With their position, it would be great to have their support and I look forward to hearing their response next week.


It has been a hit and miss affair this past week. The weekend proved too busy, but most of the past week I kept committed and put in the training. I am pretty pleased with my efforts considering my state and successfully managed to put in the hours despite the very busy timetable. Yesterday proved exhausting and it took 40 minutes to build up any strength on the turbo trainer but managed squeeze some effort for the remainder of the session.

Last Week:

  •  Monday: 2hr Turbo Session
  • Tuesday: 2hr Turbo Session & Circuit Training
  • Wednesday: Abs workout (Rest Day)
  • Thursday: Circuits & 1 1/2 hr Turbo Session
  • Friday: Rest Day (University Work)
  • Saturday: Rest Day (University Work)
  • Sunday: 1hr outdoor bike ride + little running

Past WEEK:

  • Monday: University Work
  • Tuesday: 2hr Turbo Session & Circuit Training
  • Wednesday: 1 1/2hr Turbo Training

New Years’ Training Continues

After Warwick Sport finally opened its doors on January 2nd. I managed to finally get back to some serious training on the bike. This time around I am on my brother’s bike, which I traveled on when I went to Morocco. After replacing the rear tyre for wear, I was once again ready to sweat it out. So far it has been very successful and managed to find a space each evening. This term will be greater pressure and this training should be a way to release it.

Training done this past week:

  • Wednesday: 2hr Tubo Trainer
  • Thursday: 2hr Turbo Trainer
  • Friday: Core Exercises / Day Off
  • Saturday: 2hr Turbo Trainer
  • Sunday: Gentle Ride and 1h 1/2hr Turbo Trainer evening

General Training Plan:

Most of the training I am wanting to focus on is building up strength whilst retaining endurance. Pulling a rickshaw up a slight inclimb will be a great challenge, more so with passengers and that’s not forgetting about tyre resistance and of course the element of wind. There’s no good trying to train for speed and higher cadence because in essence it will have limited help in these situations. One of my focuses is to build high torque power but in a fully seated position which provides the most efficient form of pedaling.

So far has been going so well and using the higher gears, I am generally finding I can sustain greater period at the same cadence of 80-90 RPM much longer than I used to. All of this and after finishing at night I am generally shattered and for once falling to sleep relatively easily.

In between each two sessions, I take a rest day to help recover and just work on the abs and core for strength, doing numerous exercises in my room.

I hope this will continue and that my current determination keep strong.