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An experience with Yourspokes, York and #cyclingthe92

Fields just outside Eastrington, East Yorkshire

On Wednesday, I set off cycling trip around East Yorkshire to meet up with several people. In York, I would meet up with Dylan from yourspokes and later with two great guys cycling to every league football ground in England and Wales. It would end up being a long but very interesting day that despite being knackered at the end of the day would be worth it.

Having not cycling properly for several weeks and after a delirious binge of alcohol to celebrate the remenants of University life, I would get back on the bike and head to York from home – a shy 27 miles although I cannot testify such mileage having not got a speedometer – very hard to believe considering the price of my road bike. It was quite an idylic ride towards York, with a fairly moderate head wind yet my legs never felt like they were struggling.

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