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Review: Voltaic Systems V60 + 16W Solar charger kit

World Rickshaw Taxi Review

For my world wide trip, I was considering taking many electronic articles with – pretty much you can name it and chances are I will be taking it. This includes the Raspberry Pi Tracking Systems, DSLR Camera, Laptop, Tablet, MP3 player, Mobile phone, an eBook reader and at one point I was considering a USB mini-fridge for a cold beer at the end of the day. In the past I’ve struggled to keep a few items going and have resorted to charging in public toilets, restuarants and everywhere that you could put two or three prongs in.

This time around I was considering a generating my own electricity – this was going to be a solar panel or dynamo system. I ruled out dynamo for a few reasons namely small (3W) supply, requiring a wheel to be rebuilt which on rickshaw I would be worried about and the charging kits are prohibitvely expensive. The only advantage they have is that they are reliable providing you pedal at 15 km/h which on a rickshaw isn’t always guaranteed.

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