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Exciting times lie ahead

The World Rickshaw Taxi is gaining traction now after the fairly bad spell over the past few weeks. Everything is slowly coming together and the big gaps in the jicksaw are becoming smaller, revealing the big picture that lies ahead. It’s quite exiciting as I’m starting to see how my dream is coming together and give myself confidence once gain to prove the many skeptics and doubters wrong out there.

Ideas on documenting by video:

I want to experiment with how I document the world rickshaw taxi and see what is an effective and feasible means of doing it. I’ve always been interested in producing a video documentary, but never had the time or the equipment to really produce something that I was proud of and really showcase my past expeditions.

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Route Itinerary for the World Rickshaw Taxi

Over the past week, I have been spending frivolously most of my time planning the rough route itinerary for the World Rickshaw Taxi to support some grant applications to support funding. However, it was good opportunity to work the finer details of this great logistical challenge of covering such a huge distance, over the time under the strict visa requirement and application process in some countries. It also helped narrow down some countries and areas that I would like to visit, but simply would conflict with Visa requirements. What this boils down to…

16 000 Miles. 1 1/2 Years

The overall journey I anticipate taking over a year and half, mainly based on covering an average 30 miles days of the base route. In fact I will be doing more by taking passengers to their required destinations. It is merely to keep a schedule so I don’t get in trouble – namely fines or perhaps imprisonment in a filthy jail.

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