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Charting the route: Bringing geography to the 21st century

Most expeditions seem to rely on Google Maps – which are fairly convenient, easy to use and ofcourse is free. One of the perplexing issues is the proprietary nature of the digital maps and under scientific pretext I wanted to avoid tying down any data collected on my trip onto such platform. This has especially come to light considering the NSA PRISM scandal, although I’m not too pessimistic that I’m worried someone is spying on me.

All the data collected is stored on a (Mysql) database on the website – this includes

  • The itinerary route
  • Passenger fares requested and completed
  • Tracking system data

The Passenger locations are plotted on the map along with the tracking data simultaenously. This will inevitably become very large and will be optimised so that it is simplified.

All registered – completed fares can opt and once completed data will be anonymised under the user’s preference. Data is only accessible to myself and will not be shared except between you and me.

Having data that is open ensures it’s accountable and any discrepencies can be found – although to be honest is not crucial on this project.

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Updates: The next chapter


Last Friday signalled the last day of my four years at University. It is a pleasing result that I can officially consider myself to be a Mechanical Engineer (though not practicising), achieving a first class honours. Though I am too modest to further embelish such an achievement.

Such state in time, leaves an unqestionable gap between the course I take in my life. am still unsure whether I am relieved to be out of University or literally thrown into the wilderness with only the knowledge and experience gained over the past four years. Fortunatly, the world Rickshaw Taxi is a comfort to focus my energies on.

It is difficult to comprehend how the next year and half will go – you would think I’d have so much experience in the past that this will be ease. Sadly you’re mistaken. I am both looking forward to the day I depart on my three wheels, but I find it difficult to picture how it will come together. Nothing like this has ever been done. Enough said.

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