Second day in

The brevity of this post will be kept to a minimum, since I’ll be preparing to leave later this morning.

I woke up feeling mentally fatigued, after two successive mornings waking up at ridiculous hour of the morning. If I hadn’t had the interview with York, I would have slept till 9. After the interview, I met with my parents and I took my parents to York hospital. Suprisingly around the castle walls were quite hilly, although York is considered to be flat.

It was good to see familiar faces,and we just talked over how things went yesterday. I dropped my father off for his consulatation and we returned back to the car. We talked things over and my mum knew I wasn’t looking or feeling in a great state of mind. I wasn’t prepared to give it up, but likewise I just hadn’t enjoyed it as much the previous day as I anticpated. My main frustration was my high expectations that people would show interest, but in the end I think I just hit the worst times of the day to be in a city – morning and evening when everyone commutes.



There were many other problems, such as the saddle, mobile internet dongle wasn’t working and my tracking system failed completly. I think following the decision of my parents to return home and get everything sorted was the most appropriate and realistic decision in the long run. I’d be most especially grateful for a good night sleep and a warm meal after not having any energy at all to properly think about my journey.

This time around things look ready for the go.