Return to Warwick with a Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all!

2013 will bring a new set of challenges and excitement especially with the World Rickshaw Taxi. It will be hard to organise everything, and gaining sponsorship will also prove a further difficulty and provides small atmosphere of uncertainty. Discussing with my parents over Christmas has further established my desire to keep strong. Whatever happens, I will have to work out a way of getting round all the problems I am yet to face.

Hope is never lost and each day will be a small progress in a persistent fight where the odds are against.

I hope for all the people I know that new years won’t be just a mere resolution. Instead an opportunity to present a daunting challenge that on the first steps appears to be impossible. But achieve success by tackling each small step towards the bigger picture at the end.

Anyway, frilly motivational talk aside, this month is where I will have a better idea of where I stand, or even better on a rickshaw!