Return back home

I made the return back home for Christmas after my last Autumn term at Warwick University. This isn’t just an opportunity for rest and be festive, but some valuable free time within very few distractions (other than dinner) to figure out and get the ball rolling further with this project. Sadly things came to a bit of stand still at the end of term, the many sponsorship letters I sent out, I never heard a reply from and with the imminent return of home, motivation wasn’t particularly high. Nevertheless training kept strong despite the few boozy occasions.

Nevertheless I was fortunate to receive bits of good news. I’ve managed to get through to a Rickshaw builder based in the UK who think they may be able to assist and have been talking with the Environmental Dept. at the University of York. Also will be looking to speak with my former secondary school at Howden.

Work will continue on planning the basic itinerary (route) that I aim to follow in coordination with researching general visa requirements. These are needed to work out an estimate for the trip length and duration. This will help work out costing and give me a sensible route to work with that is at least feasible given time constraints. Amongst that I will be continuing the search for sponsorship and grant applications – need look for that.