Presenting the World Rickshaw Taxi

Luke Parry - Proud owner of the the World Rickshaw Taxi with the primary sponsor - Parry Sculptors

The World Rickshaw Taxi now officially has a set of wheels to get me around the world and has now taken the first passenger – the chief sponsor i.e. Dad. It’s unbelievably excited, even more so than my first road bike or even car. The cumulation of several months planning and having a vision in my head is starting to resolve itself into reality.

With its arrival, the flood gates are open and everything can be set into motion including the planning.

I wish to give a big thank you to Adam, Manager at Cycle Heaven, York who has both sold and serviced the Cycles Maximus to me, but is bending over backwards to support me along the way.

Bringing the maximus home

After exchanging a list of fare wells with Adam, we took the maiden journey to get home. The Maximus was given a quick test ride from York to the nearest car park with my mum in the back and she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying not having to walk. It was a short trip but must have taken fifteen minutes with the volume of traffic at rush hour. I didn’t get any looks of agrievance from the traffic behind and it seemed like an amusement to both traffic and pedestrians along the pavement.

Despite travelling a short distance it was fairly exhilerating taking it on the first trip. I was bemused with how unfamiliar it felt akin to driving a car for the first time. I was unsure how far to stray from the side of the road not being used to busy traffic and the width of the rickshaw. Despite the lack of confidence it was fun to ride and it’s been a long time since I’ve had that moment in the past.

Withouth breaking a sweat we got back to the car park and loaded the rickshaw onto our trailer, securely fastened down.

The Cycles Maximus Loaded into the Trailer

The Cycles Maximus Loaded into the Trailer

The Cycles Maximus Loaded into the Trailer

After having a late tea, we took it out for a quick test ride ‘around the block’ or a twenty minute ride around Eastrington. It was good feeling riding it with a passenger in the back and after twenty minutes I wasn’t feeling tired although the roads are very flat around here.

The Cycles Maximus with the first passenger

Just before reaching back home we were even complemented on by a duo of dog walkers.

The road ahead

Having the rickshaw in my own hands is a big relief and the bit of anxiety I had over it has now completely gone. I’ll be looking to tidy up the paintwork on the frame and add my yellow and black livery to it. My mum will also be helping to make a colour matching hood along with a set of cushions to go with it to really make it stand out proud. There are things to experiment with such as the electronics for the indicator system which aren’t working and also looking at providing some more storage options for luggage since there isn’t enough space underneath for everything.

There are many things still left to prepare and get but that will all fit together nicely now. It’s going to be a truly exiciting time and I am hoping now people can see that this is a serious go ahead.

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