Painting the World Rickshaw Taxi

Three days ago, I set about painting the white powder coated frame the rickshaw with a more colour coordinated yellow and black.

Fortunately the last year of University helped prepare for this, where with a fellow flat mate James Turner, we designed and painted a truly excellent beer pong table. Unfortunatly with the lack of space and lack of suitable beverages on my expedition, I left it in good hands but the world will miss an opportunity to participate in a truly olympian sport of skill and marvel.

Two small cans of fast-dry enamel paint were bought which in practice should provide a good shiny lustre, although there was a potential disaster waiting to happen if this reacted with the paintwork beneath. This new coat of paint would likely get scuffed but in the end it is to provide additional protection against the elements.

The first job was masking much of the area with newspaper and tape, which took quite a long time. Leaving quite an awkward mess in the garage. With this done the spraying could commence.

World Rickshaw Taxi - Paint Work

All was fairly tedious to do using bits of scrap card to try and stop the spray going everywhere with the breeze that had picked up. I should have perhaps worn a dust mask, but I think the oncoming year of breathing in black fumes spurting out from huge trucks would make a negligible difference on my health.

After completing the yellow and just managing to get complete coverage leaving an empty can, I continued on with the black sides.

World Rickshaw Taxi Paint Work

I was skeptical at first but this was deliberately chosen, because a vinyl sticker for world rickshaw taxi will be stuck on there and it’s much easier to merge shades of black together compared to luminious yellow.

The result is very pleasing.


There are areas which I have missed and the black edges need tidying up with a small pot of enamel paint and protecting the edges with some plastic sellotape because they already have started rubbing away.