One of those days…

Sadly to say, this day hasn’t been a great one. With the result of the heavy snow our weekend away trip to Wales with our Athletics Club at Warwick got cancelled. This was unfortuante enough but it was looming with the ever pressing forecasts of worsening conditions. C’e la vie. Although left empty with disappointment, there wasn’t anything I could do and sometimes moving on from situations like this is hard enough.

Also today, I finally heard back from the Kukri Adventure Scholarship. Disappointedly I wasn’t successful.  I promised my self not to expect anything and if I did it would be a suprise. Some of the projects and teams do definitely deserve to go to the next rounds although some I arguably question. Nevertheless it’s not of my choosing. 
So it leads to one of those bad days where luck is simply not on your side. It happens – frustratingly two in one day.  It will take an evening to get over but most importantly I will move on. Dreams were never meant to be easy.