Latest Updates: Exams Finished

Final year exams finished last Thursday. With such freedom and time available, it only just occurred to me that  in just over 3 months time, I will be pedalling away in the rickshaw heading through the UK into the unknown world. This means I better cracking and start preparing for the long road ahead!

It’s a surreal experience having just completed my final year exams in Mechanical Engineering and having such free time to do as my own choosing is great. The past few months have been tough with generally long days and nights but it’s all over leaving free time to familiarise myself with the planning and organising of the World Rickshaw Taxi. This includes the thoroughfare of publicising and trying to obtain few more sponsors on my side to help me get around the world. Fortunately it looks promising, and I am looking forward to announce soon a few companies who are interested.

Also I am looking forward to writing some guides to help fellow cycle tourists on student type budgets with experienced I’ve gained over the past four years  and publish these on a more regular basis.

My current worry is how complacent I feel, which is dangerous considering how time without decency passes so quickly. Perhaps, I know that much of this adventure is driven by a chain of random events.

Route Changes:

Some areas of my route are still in question namely Afghanistan and Pakistan, which I keep get un-solicited warnings about, but since I won’t be there for another year, It’s difficult to judge effectively it will be less or more safe than it is now. If I decide to miss Afghanistan, the only other option would be a transit through Baluchistan in Pakistan and this would have to be direct or escorted. The other possible option is heading to the Arab States and taking a ferry to India.

Unfortunately because of the restricted Visa, I will have to miss out Turkmenistan – the tourist visa requires paying each day for an official tourist guide, which is simply un-affordable. I also think that both Georgia and Armenia will not be ideal to travel during winter given the Altitude and temperature. Also, I have heard from other cycle tourers that they are relatively unfriendly to outsiders. Instead I am considering Southern Turkey and heading to Kurdistan (a newly formed state North of Iraq), followed by Iran. I am seeking advice from some Friends I met in Turkey, so hopefully will be able to inform better of my plans!