Go SkyRide Hull

It’s been a terrifically busy week, but sure enough that makes it all the more exciting. Eventually got around to writing about this.

GoSkyRide Hull:

On the 18th August, there was a SkyRide in Hull, where all the streets are closed down to encourage cyclists to come in their swarms and enjoy the city centre without traffic. Being my first, I didn’t know what to expect. However, I felt that it was an opportunity to get some good training in and some free publicity – especially with Capital FM Yorkshire being there.

I would cycle from Eastrington to Hull – around 27 Miles and would be another trial to see how far I can push the endurance. I decided to set off early in the morning around 8:30AM with the new yellow and black livery on the rickshaw. Eventually I had everything ready and I would be taking more luggage with me to see if this made the journey any more difficult.

I eventually set off to meet my friend who arrived at the nearest station in Gilberdyke, with my parents dropping of my road bike for him to ride, even providing him with some cycling shoes, which led to a little incident just as we set off – this we will keep between ourselves.

The journey was faring very well with a moderate tail wind pushing me along – my friend Danny, only had to pedal a few times as momentum and skinny tyres helped make it a leisurable – and seemingly enjoyable ride contrary to me.

Eventually we reached a small village near the Humber Bridge and I had to tackle the first major hill. This time I had competition from a young runner whom my friend remarked had a bizarre running technique and a hair style to follow.

This I managed although, I needed a refreshment break at the top. The downhill run, provided a pleasant breeze with the sun beginning to blare out it’s summer heat that day.


Reaching the humber bridge provided another very challenging hill that left a fairly large queue of traffic to follow. However, eventually I reached the top quite shattered. Soon to follow was another down hill section that let me reach 20 mph – a great feeling on a rickshaw, but underwhelming on a bike.

Soon enough we managed to reach Hull, with a brief escort from a local who provided good conversation in the mean time.

Reaching the city centre was a nice feeling, although not tired, I felt quite spent and soon starting tucking into the assortment of chocolate bars that I brought. There were some particularly strange sites, including a teddy bear on a tandem.


Suddenly I got interrupted by an old couple, each perching on their walking sticks. The old guy was quite enthusiastic, his wife definitely didn’t. I took them for a quick ride around the loop and returned them – disappointingly the only conversation I got was a trembling mumble.

After finally finishing my dinner we did a few small loops and we caught the attention of the Capital FM Street Team. Two of them were encouraged to take a ride, but soon found enjoyed the experience and we had a good a natter with my wingman at the side. We went through the whole 6km loop past the many sites of Hull, including the Deep which although blustery provided an excellent view. Eventually we came to a finish and they gave me a board with their twitter accounts – a modern take on giving your number? Afterwards, we got a good mention and a laugh from the radio van each time we passed the finish line.


We went to Queens Garden, next to the BBC center and had a small look around. I never really got a chance to have a break, and got asked a few more times for a ride along with some photos taken. One interesting thing that happened when I took two women and their two children in the back. We tried getting up a small ramp, but I had got into the lowest gear. I had to stop pedalling or risk something going wrong. Midway up the ramp, we had to slowly reverse down, although the passengers didn’t seem to worry as much as me. The second attempt we got up straightaway with a small applause at the end.

The day was pretty successful, but with the sun blaring down all the day, I was becoming dehydrated and tired. Retrospectively I should have worn a hat – I am waiting for my chauffeur’s hat! As a result, it was difficult to keep positive, but the response from everyone was very good and received many smiles.
We set off back to my friend’s house in Brough – 12 miles away and it proved more tiresome with a headwind.

SkyRide Hull

Taking off the upper canopy made it far easier, although gusts of wind were noticeable. There was a very long uphill near Hessle, and it was going to be a task getting up. With my limbs lumbered over the front bars, I felt a push and behind me was a cyclist give me a strong firm push up the hill. Unbelievable at the time and I couldn’t express my gratitude for sparing some of his effort even if it was for thirty seconds.


My friend took the rickshaw for a ride for around a half mile. He seemed to enjoy it till it starting getting a bit hilly: he’s got a writeup of it to do!


Eventually we got to my friend’s house for a shower, something to eat and a beer to follow. It had been a good day, and to my greatest suprise it had been a long one – over 43 miles in total and that was ending at 5PM on the dot.