First Post for World Rickshaw Taxi

It’s taken many weeks of thought and scraping ideas together along with some research, but I finally came to my senses that such a dream I’ve had for the past two years is possible. I have always envisaged travelling the world after leaving the University, but didn’t feel satisfied that flying or even just cycling around was really enough. I’m always looking for something new and different and perhaps this is it.

Why o why this way?

What I realised was the best part of my previous adventures was the people I encoutnered along the way. This was especially prominent when I tackled the Great Bathtub Adventure  last summer, where I must have met hundreds of friendly curious people along the way. It made my journey and it became apparent I needed to think differently. Travelling in a rickshaw seems like the perfect idea despite its inpracticalities but atleast this time around I can actually sleep on the backseats!

So where am I now?

I’ve spent the past three weeks putting a website and other materials together in my spare time amongst other University work and training. Mornings usually start no later than 8:30AM and finish at 1AM – considerably not a bad effort for a student. This is the only start and it will take further refinement to get it to the level where I’m fully satisfied.

There is still tons more work to do till I am satsified with the website but I am happy where I’ve got so far. Quite soon I will have the very hard task of finding sponsors to make this project happen. That’s when things will get tough and when days blur together.