Day 7: Returning back to Warwick University

I felt quite refreshed staying with the family I met. It was disappointing to leave them so earlier, but they had school and also work, and I could see they enjoyed my unusual company. I said my farewells and they wrote a nice message in my log book, which is building up some nice messages now.

I set off to reclaim he lost miles from the previous night. It was far easier going and the sky was for once blue with patches of white, not the other way around. Unfortunatly the wind wasn’t being as generous. There seems to be a trend that the weather likes to make things incredibly difficult. I made best efforts to keep strong even despite the hills.


I made oportunities of the many breaks against the tiring wind to take some video footage, as I was confident that I’d be able to upload these quickly when I arrived at University. I was cycling down Coventry Road – a very straight and direct road with a few gentle slopes.



The sun was pretty glorious and soon I reached Shakespeare’s county, Warwickshire. The wind seemed more potent as the presence of hedges became sparse. It was difficult and very slow going, most of time my speedometer read between 5-6mph- a joggers pace.


Eventually I reached Coventry. I was tired and just wanted to get through to University to settle down for the Day. My legs were becoming more weary each hour.

I kept going through all the familiar sites that I had recollected from the past four years studying here. Suddenly I heard a creak as I stopped in front of a traffic light. I looked back and a tree branch suddenly fell in the middle of the road, about 20m away from where I had been ten seconds ago.


I should be more worried about falling trees than getting run over from now on! I moved the branch from the road with no acknowledgement from any drivers on the road. Annoyed, I decided to hog the middle of the road to make it difficult.

I reached University shattered. It was good to see the University once again without feeling rushed about as it was during Graduation. It was great to reminisce about the past, although sad at the same time. I met with some of the Student’s Union representives / SABBS as we called them. I took for them a quick ride and afterwards sorted myself out.


I walked around the University and uploaded some stuff for the website. I was fortunate to meet an engineering friend David, who was wokring during Summer. It’s always good to see a familiar face. He kindly offered to let me stay with him the night at Rootes.


It was mutually good to have some familiar company. I took him for a little tour as a passenge around campus, although suprisingly it was hilly than I thought which made it difficult, but it was a good bit of fun.


We went out to a bar and blagged ourselves sparkling wine and orange and a good beer from a conference. We spent the evening playing pool, but I soon became weary from the small amount of alcohol.

It was a fantastic end to the day that proved to be especially difficult on mind and the body and I wish to thank him for offering a nice time passing through Warwick.