Day 6: A short day in Leicester

I woke up in Quorn quite refreshed and only had been disturbe slightly by a small chorus of chants throughout the night.

Camping in Quorn

The day started fairly dry but the wind was particularly ferocious. The afternoon was supposed to be terrible with many downpours so I expected that it would be a short day to ensure I didn’t get fed up, trying to make little ground in those conditions.

I met a woman along the way, who I gave a short ride down towards a nearby car boot and just shared a short discussion over her travels in Europe.

The journey was largely uneventful, however, once getting into Leicester, I went towards the National Space Centre. However, without a student concession anymore and not seeing any gigantic space machines except one rocket, I decided it wasn’t worth going to see. A family noticed me and said they saw me on a television – another reminder of my slight celebrity status.

I headed towards the centre along the River Soar, which the cycle path followed by its side.


At one point I came to a wall with a very small opening. Fitting the rickshaw was a mighty squeeze, there was less than a centimetre on each side. I still laugh at how ridiculous this looks.



In the city centre, I got lost – I’m not sure exactly how. Eventually reached the Tourist Information, who wern’t particularly helpful. They didn’t seem to be able to suggest anything that was open, other than the national heritage free weeked, but I didn’t know where any of these were.


Giving up, I just went towards Mc Donalds to use their free WIFI and essentially keep dry. Eventually I was fed up being stuck inside and the weather wasn’t too bad, so I wanted to venture outside.

At that point a kid was sat on the step of the rickshaw, which I was fine with but then started riding it which annoyed me because there was a lock on it. I just find it frustrating that they aren’t told to respect other people’s property. I went down and a group of five said they wanted a ride. I did reluctantly.

However, they were pretty much squabbling over who sat wear, and were becoming increasingly impatient as I attempted to put my own stuff away. I took them around the centre a few times, but was quite annoyed and just wanted to get off. I don’t mind giving rides, but I don’t ant to be treated solely as novelty and not even get asked questions…

Eventually I shook them off, and I headed along the Grand Central way – a cycle path on an old railways line heading southwards.



I reached the end only to find that my exit was impassible by two large bollards and a gate. A couple made a badly timed statement that I’d never get it through. I went back to the previous and yet again the same. I had to reclaim half a mile back towards a bridge where I originaly was intent of coming off.

Battling some more winds I reached a small roundabout with a Toby Carvery and the rain was starting to kick in. I was beckoned in by a guy with some faces staring at me throught the window. They asked me what all this madness was doing and was nice to be able to have a good chat with some interested and enthusiastic people.

Later they got me a carvery – the plate bursting at the edges with food piled high and they said that I could stay at their house, but was around two miles back. I’d sooner have a bed and a roof over my head, so I went along.

It was nice to meet them and they were good company with things to talk about. Sadly the next day was an early departure, but they were the first family to offer me their home to me. So I’d like to extend my gratitude for their hospitality as they were such good company!