Day 4: Bawtry to Robin Hood Country

The night had been a very wet one with heavy downpours throughout the night. Fortunatly, the Banshee 200 kept me very dry. This is remarkable for me, because every previous tent I’ve had always left me damp or wet. It was a fairly slow start having slept in the back-garden – I wanted to wait for the tent to dry slightly, although this evening looks like it wouldn’t have particularly mattered.

Vango Banshe 200

I was offered a little breakfast which was comforting start and was provided with some snacks for later saving me having to call at a supermarket or shop. I ommited a shower. I felt that a day cycling doesn’t really deserve such luxury treatment in the large scheme of things. I said my farewells to the woman, and got on my way.

The day had turned much nicer than previously, and provided a good start as I headed towards Blythe. Reaching the A1 I went down a steep hill. I later got lost and was kindly greeted by a nice woman who offered directions and the possibility of a nice warm drink – having seen me on the television. My celebrity status is working wonders! I got on a hill road towards Worksop. The hills undulating up and down and it was slow progress at 5 mph. Although my spirits were raised by the ocassionaly flurry of hands from a car or truck and even a few horns.

The last stretch to Worksop was an uphill struggle and was a thorough relief to get up that nasty steep climb near the hospital with a long stretch going downhill afterwards towards the centre. I had to take a break as I was pretty tired afterwards.


I didn’t really stop as I just wanted to continue onwards towards Sherwood Forest towards the heart of Nottingham.

The roads had become less wide and traffic always appeared to be building behind. Passing the many forests made for a very pleasant ride excluding the roaring noise from the traffic.



Much later I stopped for a Mc Flurry break – a re-occuring tradtion at the same Mc Donalds I have stopped at on every bike ride I’ve been on through here. The staff were very curious at the three wheel contraption parked next to the drive through. They thought it was insanely brilliant and were really helpful.

I continued towards Rufford Mill Park to sample the woodland splendour of Nottinghamshire. It was plesant to walk through the tendered forest, however, I felt discomfort leaving my three wheeled baby alone. I walked to the mill and back again and set off for the final leg of the day.










The early evening undulated like a stormy sea. It was becoming unpleasant with the light rain that intensified with each passing hill. I donned the cycling cape, but I didn’t see much pleasure cycling in such conditions when I was close to reaching my thirty mile target.

The picture below is taken from the Raspberry Pi Camera. Capturing those darkest moments of mind.


I finished on a steep downhill section at the White Post and decided to call it for today – two miles short. However, some food, electricity and an opportuntiy for free wifi was too alluring.

Now time to find somewhere to sleep, which will be yet another task.