Day 27: Final day in Dusseldorf

So once again I’m blogging in a field – I have no idea where because I was cycling in the dark for around an hour – yes I do have bike lights and they work quite well. Please bare with me, as I have had a few days to catchup on and typing on the back of a rickshaw makes things slightly slower.f

I spent Sunday with my friend Michael. Being a day of rest – the day was pretty easy. I made most of the lie-in opportunity, just as luxuirous as a shower nowadays. Later at 1pm we were later scheduled to meet someone at a cafe, who after referall was interesting in hearing more of my bizarre but interesting story.

We took the rickshaw out once again and went to a small cafe just over the nearby railway-line. I was most surpised how easy it was with just one passengers – I don’t think I emphasised that enough previously. We got to the cafe and I met Eva-Melina. She’s a online journalist professionally, but keeps her own blog as a form of exhibition of her work.

The most interesting thing about her blog – was how she attempted to avoid using bought plastic for Lent – what originally transpired as a tradition, she made the effort to try this and suceeded. It as interesting to get questions from all angles which is always pleasant now to share as I become further confident with what I’m doing. We shared our points on journalism in general and it was interesting how things came together. Later she promised to write an article in German, and shared her homemade business cards.

We finally finished our coffees and I took her the very short journey home down the road – she seemed quite thrilled with the experience; I was because of the fact it was downhill for once! We took a photo and said our farewells!


The afternoon was easy going. Later in the evening we went to a language meetup where individuals can practice talking in another (or own) language. It’s something I’d never been to, but nothing ventured is nothing gained. Taking the rickshaw 1km in the dark was quite fun especially having a professional navigator – Michael.

The meeting was quite slow in the beginning as we arrived late, but eventually we started talking to a group towards the end. We made the announcement of what I was doing and then a french woman, exclaimed ‘are you serious, I don’t believe you!’. I replied – “go and check the window”. She went to have a look and came back with quite a shock at the truth of this. In the end we talked about many things, and they all wished me well and good luck on my epic journey.

On our journey home, we took one of the people we met (Klaus I believe) to his car down the road – he enjoyed the experience or atleast the fact it saved his legs.

That was the evening over, it was pleasant experience although I commented how difficult it might be for a new individual.