Day 15: The World Rickshaw Taxi goes to Essex

After staying in Wetherspoons and enjoying the luxury of free wifi – enabling me to communciate with my parents via skype I finished for the evening, later than planned. I camped a short stroll aarlier. eway in the adjacent park situated along a small river. Setting up a tent in the dark is becoming second nature now and leaves little difficulty other than picking a suitable spot. I pretty much dozed away quite quickly. That day was a particular struggle and I had to sleep carefully so I didn’t abruptly wake to the agony of leg cramps – this has happened on a few occasions in the past.

I woke at 5AM, to the sound of heavy traffic along a busy road at the side of me. I was reliefed when I looked at the time as I wasn’t prepared to wake up and just put the ear plugs in and snoozed for another two and half hours. I woke to a mist that left tent damp, but made nature glisten with dew that morning.


Breakfast was served. Muesli with digestive biscuits and a bit of broken chocolate topped of with water. A lovely rickshawers diet!


Having packed up my stuff, I took some more video footage and set off – eventually.

Much of the morning was quite un-eventful. It was a fairly straighforward ride alongside a dual-carriage way – there was a pavement at the side. Essex is suprisingly more hilly than what it appears but was becoming far easier. I was going to plot the elevation data but I’ve discovered that the sensor has stopped working…

Although it appeared I was going fast, it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere. I eventually found that the added stability of three wheels has one great advantage. It provides the opportunity for easy reading whilst on the go. I was given a book to read along the way, and I just propped myself over the handlebars and started reading. I wasn’t even feeling sick and it made the monotomy of that A-road become less apparent.


I arrived in Colchester. The approach to the high street features a very steep hill – I sighed when it came into sight. I got some looks and even some cheering as I struggled up this hill. It was a relief to get to the top.

I spent most of the afternoon taking it easier and just having a bit of a walk around, as I had infact made good time from travelling quite early that morning.









I also went to the bicycle shop in Colchester. I said that the pedal was creaking and I thought it could be the bottom-bracket. Luckily their hunch about the pedal was correct. It was loose – to my greatest suprise; as they tightened it, the pedal came loose. All it needed was tightening up, the particularly annoying creak disappeared instantly!

Colchester is a plaesant place and the people were more friendly than I experienced going through London. I met a few guys parked outside the castle who whished me well on my travels – if they read this “Thankyou!”. I had a bit of time to get in some shopping and chill on the back seat reading my book.


I got interrupted and some students asked me if they could have a ride. I took them for a quick trip around the town and they couldn’t believe I was doing such an insane trip!

I later stopped off at a pub and met two nice women who bought me a sausage roll and a pint and were really interested in my adventure. It’s always nice to be able to explain what you’re doing without having to rush with everyone’s busy lifestyles.

Tonight will be an interesting finding a camping spot. It’s dark now and I’ve been told a few places to camp about half a mile away. Should be interesting, although I’ll stay in the pub for now.