Building an Image – Rebuilding the Rickshaw Canopy

When we bought the rickshaw from the guy in York, it came with a green canopy, which although was perfectly functional, simply didn’t fit in with the yellow and black theme present in all branding I’ve done.

My mother, a sewing and crafts genius in her spare time has taken some good time yesterday to re-create the canopy using some waterproof black and yellow fabric we were fortunate to find at Farming auction in Murton, York. We managed to get two very large rolls for £10 – an absolute bargain.


My mother pointed out how poor the stitching was on the original – apparently like everything nowadays and set about on her 20 year old sewing machine to produce a replacement.


The material is much lighter but is also waterproof and the overall result is brilliant. With the new canopy we were quite marvelled how professional it now looks and it will work exceptionally well with the yellow and black paint job on the frame, hopefully later in the week.

World Rickshaw Taxi - Canopy Emblem

My mother also embroided a very nice Rickshaw Emblem on the back, just for that professional touch.

All this will be accompanied by two yellow and black cushions to keep those passengers extra comfortable!

World Rickshaw Taxi - Cushions


The remainder of the week looks set to show off the canopy in all its glory which I will let you know about. We may even be going out tonight around midnight to see if we can see the meteor showers.