Background research on Globalisation

Over the past week in my spare time, I’ve been attempting to read up some books to help support my ideas towards the research side of the project. This has led me to a neat stack of books on the side on my desktop.

I have so far managed to read through four of these, which considering I’m not a particularly quick reader is a reasonable effort.  Throughout the reading process, I am compiling notes that have poignancy. This is quite a tedious and lengthy process but does help to carefully think about the points made within the books. Inconsequentially these notes are very rough, littered with spelling mistakes and hasn’t yet been compiled into more easily digestible structured form.
The notes I have compiled so far are available for access on Google Docs.
Small is Beautiful – The Study of economics as if people mattered, E.F. Schumacher
Creative Destruction – How Globalization is changing the World’s Cultures, Tyler Cowen:
Business within limits - Deep Ecology and Buddhist Economics, Laszlo Zolnai, Knut Johannessen Ims

Next topic I plan to research – ‘Geographic Mobility’

One area that I am interested in reading more about is ‘Geographic Mobility’. This is the concept where by the shift of locality for the production of goods from one geographical area to another on the basis of optimising resource consumption, increasing efficiency,  or other factors such as taking advantage of areas with reduced legislation, better opportunities for less-expensive unskilled workers.
 This inadvertently creates a strain in communities and areas from the migration and relocation of workers. Consequences include the increase of house prices, but can improve quality of life irrespectively. The idea of opportunity is attractive force for attracting new skill sets, businesses, cultures and produce diversification social space that can change behaviour within a community.
The question is trying to locate any books associated with this in the Warwick University Library, this could be tricky.