Announcing a Platinum Sponsor: 247 Airport Transfer

247 Airport Transfer - Platinum Sponsor for the World Rickshaw Taxi

I am very pleased to announce a 247 Airport Transfer have a become a new Platinum sponsor for the World Rickshaw Taxi Project. This is fantastic news! Receiving support is very comforting but most importantly is tremendous motivation to know that you have someone who truly believes in what you doing and is prepared to back you!

Having read their statement below, and obviously the company itself, there are great parallels shared in what we what we endeavour to accomplish and how we approach oncoming challenges.

Without further ado, the team at 247 Airport Transfer have kindly provided a statement about themselves and why they chose to be a huge supporting role for the World Rickshaw Taxi

We have designed 247 Airport Transfer as an innovative and open minded company that always looks for new opportunities to improve itself and, at the same time, give something in return to the clients and subsequently to the whole world. The company was founded three years ago, in 2010, and since then we have continuously grew till the point of being pioneers in numerous development areas.

2013 was an extraordinary year for us, here at 247 Airport Transfer. We have managed to accomplish a number of old dreams and come with new services and offers to our customers. Some of the most notable improvements have been the rebranded website and its availability in 12 languages (including English), the introduction of tablets in the cars, the driver tracking system, the flight monitoring program and the opening of a Topographical Skills Centre. Soon enough, we will also launch a new version of our dispatch system. This will be of very much help for our clients who will benefit from a more interactive and user friendly application and who will find it a lot easier to make a booking on our website.

We can guarantee all our customers that the developments won’t stop here. As we have mentioned before, we are constantly working on offering them better services, better experiences and better journeys. We think of them as friends, not as simply payers for a service, as the rest of the minicab companies do. Therefore, we feel that it is our duty to offer them all the best.

Innovative and open minded also means that we are always ready to welcome, applaud and get involved in ground-breaking ideas and projects coming from other businesses or persons. That’s the reason why we wanted to get involved with the World Rickshaw Taxi as a major sponsor. We found about its story and venture on a simple internet search and it immediately rang a bell: “what a daring and revolutionary idea!” we thought. We browsed his website and the second thought was “why not offer him support in his action and become a sponsor?”. The next step was getting in touch with Luke, congratulate him for its great project and establish all the necessary for the sponsorship. There is no reason for going into detail; you will see the final result when he will go off on his adventurous and exciting journey.

Why have we decided to help Luke and the World Rickshaw Taxi?
Leaving the promotional opportunity apart, we felt that it was time for 247 Airport Transfer to engage in an external action and help a courageous man with a cutting-edge and original plan and, through him and his expedition, help the entire world. We know that our missions are similar and that we both think that all it takes to achieve your dream and make a small change in this world is come with a great idea that suits your personality and principles and strongly believe that you can put that idea into practice. This is something we want the rest of the population to know and that’s why we have decided to become World Rickshaw Taxi’s main sponsor.

We wish all the luck and all the best to Luke in his journey round the world and we want to assure him of our full support throughout this brave expedition!