A week of hard training

With my spirits slightly dampeneded by lack of response (an empty post box) from the many sponsorship letters sent out and just general frustration, hard training was a good relief to take it out on. I have found over time that more training has has been a good was to let off frustration in general and contemplate what to make the next move. Over the week I managed to pull in three good sessions – potentially could have been four if it hadn’t been busy. Two sessions were a session on the turbo trainer followed by circuit training with Warwick Athletics

A trip to Gloucester:

On Saturday I cycled a nice casual trip to Gloucester to watch and cheer the guys on at the  cross country race there. This was about a 60 mile through Warwickshire, and Gloucestershire through Stratford upon Avon, Evesham, Tewkesbury and then finally Gloucester. 
Being thoroughly unprepared, especially after a night out I had one water bottle and to survive off a large portion of porridge. Thankfully it was  generally enough and my home made sports drink did its charm to kept me from getting leg cramps albeit one. However, eventually I had to buy a pork pie from a local market. This kept me going and I pedalled the last twenty miles towards Gloucester.
It was suprisingly hilly and in general pushed a good pace arriving there just short of four hours. One of the small nuinances was that my chain had become bent somehow and alongside a faulty front derailleur, was making some riding quite perilous. It was quite worrying when my chain came off mid-way around a roundabout. 
Overall that week had been great training, but Sunday was definitely dedicated as a day of rest.