A round trip up and down Trundlegate

With the closure to a great week of sun turning to become unsettled and windy, I took the last chance for a brief spell at home to take a trip up Trundlegate – one of the very few hill climbs in East Yorkshire.

Towards Trundlegate - East Yorkshire

For the unfamiliar, the East Riding of Yorkshire is situated above the River Humber. The topology is distinct with a chalk hill following a line from market Weighton, Driffield and the sea side town of Bridlington. My geography teacher would probably cringe at that description. The remainder of the county is a very flat plain.

East Riding of Yorkshire County - Map

I live in the flat plain surrounded by mostly farmland (near Howden) and to be fair although it can be dull, it presents easy and fast cycling, but is very exposed to the North Sea winds, which gives good reason why so many wind farms have been built near us in the past few years. The only hills reasonably close by is heading towards the Yorkshire Wolds.

If you want more information, a useful resource I find is here – Cycling Yorkshire Wolds

Trundlegate is situated between South Newbald and Bevelry and is a scenic country route, that was recommended by a fellow twitter followerTrundlegate - East YorkshireHe quotes an average gradient of 8% with a maximum at 13%, which doesn’t really mean much to me, especially cycling through some unbelievably steep climbs in the Alps with a backpack.

The experience:

The overall journey from home was a struggle with a strong head wind which wasn’t helped by my foot straining with the cycling shoes  that I own and a dodgy front derailleur which limited me to the large front chain ring.

The hill climb was fairly pleasant and not as hellish as I thought it would be which after sitting for so long with revision is re-assuring. Although a few cyclists passed me sprinting to the top, I didn’t feel the urge to get competitive and about half way just wanted to stop and admire the view.

Cycling up Trundlegate - Yorkshire Wolds

One of the greatest things I was happy was cycling up on a ‘compact’ road-bike without having to get out of the saddle with reasonable comfort, although pollen was making it difficult to breathe. It at leasts show I’ve built up the strength over the past half of year with the Winter training. 

Climbing Trundlegate

I continued on till just short of Walkington and headed back home which I must have been travelling nearly twice as fast with the wind in my favour.

Cycling back down the Yorkshire Wolds

Writing about one hill is probably excessive. During summer, I hope to put a better ride to visit more of the hills out there.