A broken chain and dodgy derailleur (Update):

A broken chain and dodgy derailleur:

Over the past month, I have been found that my road bike that I used for training was struggling to keep up. Often the chain was slipping, falling off or simply jumping. This became especially annoying on my cycle to Gloucester a few weeks back – meaning I had to keep in a low gear on hills, otherwise I’d come to a standstill just like my episode of walking around a busy roundabout.

I eventually discovered that my chain was twisted along not helped by being encrusted in rust. Also I felt that I needed to make a replacement to the Front Dérailleur, which for the whole lifetime of this bike has been giving me grief being very stiff.

At the end of last week I fitted the new parts at a modest cost and as a result the gears shift much better, but still need some tweaks as I found out today.


After taking the bike out for a spin, I found that the chain was slipping on the large front cog. It took quite a while to realise that the cog had become too worn for the newer chain. Looking at all options trying to get a new chain ring seems difficult to find in stock (in the right colour) and expensive. Depending whether other chainrings can be substitued, it seems a hard task and is especially frustrating.

Having to deal with this during term isn’t great, therefore I have decided I will be returing back to Warwick on my brother’s bike that I gave him after travelling to Morocco.

Updates to training:

Training has stopped, pretty much following the trend during Christmas. Inadvertently substituted by further sponsorship hunting and other research duties for this project, which the later has been gaining momentum.

Next term, I will lose my place on the Desso Hall Balcony in the Sports Centre which will be used as a temporary measure for the concurrent gym refurbishment. Luckily I have been given permission to train on the balcony above the Squash courts, so my weekly training schedule will keep to plan. However, fitting this with a much busier term will be manic, and probably will result in training during the twilight hours of early morning or late at night.

Then again, it will be a good way to relieve some stress!