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Exciting times lie ahead

The World Rickshaw Taxi is gaining traction now after the fairly bad spell over the past few weeks. Everything is slowly coming together and the big gaps in the jicksaw are becoming smaller, revealing the big picture that lies ahead. It’s quite exiciting as I’m starting to see how my dream is coming together and give myself confidence once gain to prove the many skeptics and doubters wrong out there.

Ideas on documenting by video:

I want to experiment with how I document the world rickshaw taxi and see what is an effective and feasible means of doing it. I’ve always been interested in producing a video documentary, but never had the time or the equipment to really produce something that I was proud of and really showcase my past expeditions.

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What a fortnight…

There are times when things never conform to your expectations and the very essence of control you did have suddenly evaporates into chaos. The past two weeks has been just like that and it was inveitable I was going to reach a low point even before starting the World Rickshaw Taxi.


When sponsors back out – things go down the proverbial:

The sponsor who I was confiding into supply me with a nice shiny rickshaw last Wednesday decided to back out – the company in question can be inferred from previous posts.

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Review: Water-to-Go – Water Filter System

World Rickshaw Taxi Review

For the World Rickshaw Taxi, I have been sponsored a Water-To-Go filter bottle. Their product aims to provide a convenient water bottle system using new nano-technology based filter system that can be easily replaced.

My past experiences getting ‘water on the go’

In the past, I have only cycled in countries predominantly Europe where I have had access to water it has been potabile. On desperate occasions, I have even used water from public toilets, road side water fountains in Turkey and on an odd occasions risked it with a stream in the mountains. On all occasions I have been lucky, but I have witnessed that pollution in poorer countries is often noticeable – and some times a disgusting legacy of what remains of some beautiful landscapes.

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An experience with Yourspokes, York and #cyclingthe92

Fields just outside Eastrington, East Yorkshire

On Wednesday, I set off cycling trip around East Yorkshire to meet up with several people. In York, I would meet up with Dylan from yourspokes and later with two great guys cycling to every league football ground in England and Wales. It would end up being a long but very interesting day that despite being knackered at the end of the day would be worth it.

Having not cycling properly for several weeks and after a delirious binge of alcohol to celebrate the remenants of University life, I would get back on the bike and head to York from home – a shy 27 miles although I cannot testify such mileage having not got a speedometer – very hard to believe considering the price of my road bike. It was quite an idylic ride towards York, with a fairly moderate head wind yet my legs never felt like they were struggling.

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Updates: The next chapter


Last Friday signalled the last day of my four years at University. It is a pleasing result that I can officially consider myself to be a Mechanical Engineer (though not practicising), achieving a first class honours. Though I am too modest to further embelish such an achievement.

Such state in time, leaves an unqestionable gap between the course I take in my life. am still unsure whether I am relieved to be out of University or literally thrown into the wilderness with only the knowledge and experience gained over the past four years. Fortunatly, the world Rickshaw Taxi is a comfort to focus my energies on.

It is difficult to comprehend how the next year and half will go – you would think I’d have so much experience in the past that this will be ease. Sadly you’re mistaken. I am both looking forward to the day I depart on my three wheels, but I find it difficult to picture how it will come together. Nothing like this has ever been done. Enough said.

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