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Easter Updates – Upcoming Website Features

Unfortunately, most of Easter was spent on coursework for University, finally completed and handed in this past Monday. This was mixed in with revision and other errands therefore little planning was achieved.

I managed to spend some time a bit of time over Easter, working on some features for the website both to improve my productivity when on the trip and make the site more interactive.

Probably not known, but I have built my website from scratch to keep the site simple, very interactive and most importantly easy and very quick to manage when I will be  riding the rickshaw around the world. Internet will be a luxury and not a guarantee in many places I will be travelling therefore upload all the data and blogs will be important.

On my route map, I can now present the locations of passengers when requested and completed.

Passengers are located by markers

So the plan is when people make a request through the form, when I approve, you’ll be added to the map. It is important that you give the correct location, otherwise I won’t be able to find you!

World Rickshaw Taxi *Live Feed

One of the great features, I am looking very forward to showing is a webcam feed of the whole of my journey which will eventually include additional telemetry.  I have got a working prototype of an infinite scrolling time lapse of webcam shots taken through through an automated program.

World Rickshaw Taxi Time Lapse

Above, is the the time lapse, that I will eventually include on the homepage. You simply can scroll through like a flip book and the altitude and temperature changes. Eventually, I plan to let you become a time traveller and go back in time by letting you select a date.

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